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Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016, 20:13 has sold around 545

Legendary Australian hard rockers AC/DC this week landed at position No. 3 on's "Hot Tours" list of top-grossing tours with $4 million in ticket sales from an outdoor Canadian performance on August 28 at the Plaines d'Abraham in Quebec City. Promoted by Live Nation and Montreal-based event producer Evenko,http://www.cheapnfljerseyswholesaleoutle…-jersey-outlet/, the concert drew 48,,588 fans.The Quebec performance was the first of three outdoor events staged in Canadian markets during AC/DC's current North American tour. AC/DC's sixteenth studio album,China Jerseys Authentic, "Rock Or Bust",Antti Niemi Jersey, has sold around 545,San Francisco Giants Will Clark Jersey,000 copies since debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart back in December.It's the band's first album without founding guitarist Malcolm Young,cheap nfl jerseys outlet, who is suffering from dementia. He has been replaced by nephew Stevie Young.AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was arrested last November at his home in Tauranga on charges of threatening to kill and possession of methamphetamine and cannabis.Although Rudd played on "Rock Or Bust",Avalanche #9 Matt Duchene Black 2016 All Star Stitched NHL Jersey, he did not appear in photos or videos for the disc.One-time AC/DC drummer Chris Slade officially joined the band's lineup for its performance on the February 8 Grammy Awards telecast. Slade is also behind the kit for the group's current world tour.The band's North American tour will wrap on September 28 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.