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Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018, 01:52

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Zampese was Cincinnati's quarterbacks coach for 13 seasons before moving up to coordinator last year when Hue Jackson went to Cleveland as the head coach. The offense lost its flair and creativity last season, when receiver A.J. Green, tight end Tyler Eifert and running back Giovani Bernard missed significant time because of injuries.
"When you've been in this league long enough, you see a whole bunch of different things happen,China Jersyes Cheap," Lazor said. "Not many of them are shocking anymore. You come in the day after a tough loss and try figure out how make it better. Obviously, it took some different turns."
"I haven't done three (running backs) probably in the past, splitting it equally,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale," Lazor said. "But that's where we've been so far."
"Especially when something like this happens during a season, you can't go much beyond that," Lazor said. "We've got a real tough task at hand. We'll let the philosophy work its way out as we go."
Lazor was fired as the Dolphins' coordinator as part of Dan Campbell's staff overhaul when he became interim coach in November 2015,Wholesale Jerseys From China. He came to Cincinnati last year as the quarterbacks coach after Zampese was promoted to coordinator.