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Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018, 00:48

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Some things to know about the Chiefs' win over the Texans.
He had a 6-yard score in the second quarter and added 34- and 1-yard touchdowns in the fourth quarter.
"Turnovers are tough. They get you in the long run," Reid said. "Alex has always been good with that ... and our ball carries are hanging onto the ball,China Jerseys, receivers are hanging onto it. It's important.
"It's a great feeling," he said. "I love winning and the biggest thing is to get a win."
Hunt leads the NFL with 609 yards rushing. He's the first Chiefs rookie to have 600 yards rushing since Christian Okoye finished with 660 in 1987.
"I'm impressed with the things that he can do with his feet and with his arm as well," Hopkins said. "Everybody knows he can run, but still he looks downfield to make plays. The throws that he made toward the end of the game were some special throws."
He made several big plays on Sunday night, but the most jaw-dropping one came when Rakeem Nunez-Roches tried to strip the ball out of his hands as he scrambled away from the pass rush. Watson smoothly moved the ball from his right to left hand to keep it away from Nunez-Roches before switching it back to his right hand and launching it 48 yards for a touchdown to Will Fuller early in the fourth quarter.
He ran for 32 yards in the fourth quarter as the Chiefs tried to eat up the clock and keep the ball away from rookie Deshaun Watson.

Hunt had 29 carries for 107 yards on Sunday night as the Chiefs (5-0) remained undefeated with a 42-34 win over the Houston Texans.
He's excited about the possibilities for the offense as Watson continues to develop.
He leads the league with seven carries of 20 or more yards this season, his three carries of 40 yards or longer are also most in the NFL and he's tied for third with four rushing touchdowns.
The Chiefs have lost just one fumble this season and Smith has yet to throw an interception.
"That's why they call football a team sport,World Baseball Classic Jerseys 2017," he said. "Those guys have my back. When we're down in (the) pass game, I know I got their back."
"Sky's the limit for him," Reid said. "Heck of a player. Elusive. Big arm. Sees things. Loves to play. He's got all that stuff ... Houston is lucky to have him."
Houston receiver DeAndre Hopkins had a career-high three touchdown receptions on Sunday to tie a single-game franchise record,Nike Air Max Shoes Sale. He's the first Texan to have three touchdown receptions since Andre Johnson did it in 2013 against the Colts.