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Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018, 21:04

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"Yeah, I would," the first-round pick said after practice Wednesday.
"Of course,Cheap Jerseys Supply, I'm going to say 10. You can't have me saying I'm '7' on TV," the running back said. "I definitely feel like myself."
Foles seemed antsy in the pocket and had plenty of misfires at Washington, and said the offense just never got in synch. He was 17 for 32 for 150 yards and one touchdown with no interceptions.
Notes: The Rams listed two players on their injury report. Backup end Eugene Sims and special teamer Chase Reynolds are out for the second straight week with knee injuries. ... Rams Hall of Famers Jack Youngblood and Tom Mack watched practice. ... Fisher said WR Brian Quick, coming off shoulder surgery, is getting closer to playing shape. Quick hasn't yet made the game day roster. "It's like anybody that missed a significant part of the offseason program and was limited in training camp, you're going to be a little bit behind," Fisher said.
Guard Rodger Saffold said he wasn't certain but added,Wholesale China Jerseys, "I'm going to say that yes, I'm going to see him."
Gurley has been ramping up activity with the first-string offense,, rehabbing from left knee surgery last fall for Georgia. He didn't hedge when asked for a percentage about his health and readiness.
Offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti said only that Gurley looked better than last week.
Tavon Austin had 40 yards on four carries and starter Tre Mason had 26 yards on seven carries.
"Yeah, nothing is really easy in this league," Foles said. "It's just something that making sure that everybody's on the same page."
"Todd's a talented guy, we all know what he did in college," Foles said. "He's been looking good moving around