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Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018, 19:58

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"I am a run stopper and I like doing it," Ellis said. "That is the strength of my game. I look forward to helping the Giants get back to their glory."
Ellis played in 14 games last season and had nine tackles and his only sack. He was a third-round draft pick out of Hampton in 2011.
The Giants announced Wednesday they signed former Jets defensive tackle/nose tackle Kenrick Ellis to shore up a defense that finished 30th against the run. Contract terms were not immediately available,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018.

"I'm a journeyman. I come in and do my job," Ellis said. "You don't get much recognition for it, but you get the job done and it helps out the team. I'll take on the double-teams and take on the work no one else wants to do. It's just who I am. I take pride in what I do, which is being a big man in the middle,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, and try to make sure no one runs the ball."
Johnathan Hankins and Cullen Jenkins are the returning starting tackles in a group that also includes Markus Kuhn and Jay Bromley. Mike Patterson is a free agent.
"It's the same city, but a different side of the city,Buy Air Max 1," he quipped.
Ellis,NFL Jerseys China, who has room to improve,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, saw his playing time decline over the past two seasons as Damon Harrison beat him out with the Jets.
Ellis spent his first four seasons with the Jets, playing in 47 games with five starts. The 6-foot-4, 346-pounder had 66 career tackles, one sack and a forced fumble.
The Giants allowed an average of 135.1 yards rushing in 2014. The Jets allowed an average of 93.1 yards,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, fifth best in the league.