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Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 23:04 is - SYU

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This Air Jordan XXX1 comes dressed in Black, White and Pink throughout. Starting at the heel which is Black, it slowly gradients as we get closer to the toe into a Pink shade. Following we have Black across the midsole while the outsole is done in a icy translucent finish.
Air Jordan XXX1 Low Black White Release Date
The Air Jordan XXX1 Low Black White is scheduled to release at select Jordan Brand retailers on April 16th, 2017. Retail price will be $160. Below you can check out more images which will give you a better look.
Air Jordan XXX1 Low
April 15,cheap jordans 12,, 2017
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Donnerstag, 14. September 2017, 02:07

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Donnerstag, 14. September 2017, 05:44

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