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Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 21:30

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…needs support of Head Teachers in literacy drive – BakshIn its quest to boost the level of literacy, the Ministry of Education has introduced a number of programmes even as it seeks to collaborate with Head Teachers in this regard.As part of this venture, the Ministry recently started a programme for students of Grade Six.Minister of Education, Shaik BakshAccording to Minister of Education, Shaik Baksh,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, the intent is to target those students that have written the Grade Six Assessment and did not achieve the desired score or those that are considered low achievers.These students, the Minister said, were identified by their respective schools and are now engaged in the remedial programme, which will last for about one month to six weeks, depending on the literacy needs.This move, the Minister related, will serve to help the students be better prepared for the transition from the primary to the secondary level.“We feel that this is a very important remediation programme. We have already identified 45 schools for a pilot, that is, we will do pre-testing,Wholesale Jerseys From China, to see where they are, and post-testing at the end to see how much they have developed along the literacy continuum.”The results of the programme, the Minister pointed out,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, will guide the education sector next year on ways to strengthen the literacy initiative.But according to the Minister, the Grade Six remedial programme is only one of the many literacy initiatives that have been engaged, even as he revealed that the Ministry has plans in place to introduce a literacy certificate for the Fourth Grade level.Baksh highlighted the fact that Government in this year