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Mittwoch, 13. September 2017, 17:14

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Toshaos who refused to sign a document supporting REDD+,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, the United Nations programme under which funds would flow to poor countries for avoiding deforestation, have earned the ire of the head of the National Toshaos Council (NTC), Yvonne Pearson.In an interview with this newspaper several Toshaos from the Pakaraimas in Region Eight expressed a lack of understanding of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), which the government is using to seek international partnerships and incentives to protect 15 million hectares (37 million acres) of forest under REDD+.Support of the LCDS is included in the resolution the state-owned media said the leaders fully supported when they met in Georgetown at a government sponsored meeting.Some of the village leaders,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, or Toshaos, this newspaper was able to speak with after the conference said they had never heard of the resolution until it was read to them by Pearson.Stabroek News reported that eight Toshaos of the Upper Mazaruni it spoke with rejected the resolution on the grounds of lack of consultation.Pearson, this week in defending the resolution, said it would have been impossible to consult the over 100 Amerindian leaders who were at the meeting. As a result,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, she said it was decided by the executive of the NTC to draft the document. Afterwards, Pearson said she read it and Amerindian leaders were asked to give their comments.In an earlier interview, Pearson herself admitted that all of the Amerindian people did not understand the LCDS.