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Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018, 21:05

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But coach Pete Carroll was still answering questions Monday about division in the locker room, this time after reports surfaced over the weekend of a strained relationship with running back Marshawn Lynch. Carroll appeared annoyed to be dealing with more inquires about locker room dynamics.
The Seahawks' 13-9 win over Carolina on Sunday was vitally important. It snapped a two-game losing streak and with upcoming home games against struggling Oakland and the New York Giants, it made getting to 6-3 appear likely in a division where Arizona already holds a two-game lead.
SLOW STARTS: Seattle fell behind St. Louis 21-3 and should have trailed Carolina more than 6-0. In their first loss this season, the Seahawks fell behind San Diego 20-7. While Carroll preaches that how you finish is the most important aspect, getting off to better starts is necessary.
"The four-man stuff was good. The pressure stuff worked well and it gave us a better rhythm and a better feel in the game," Carroll said. "I really like the way that it went and when it came right down to it in the last drive, when we needed to rush four guys, the guys came roaring off the football."
"I have nothing to say about that because there is nothing to that,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys," Carroll said. "I have no idea where that came from. We have nothing to say about that. At this point, I don't think it behooves us to try and respond to all these things in the locker room. Our players have told you how they feel. Our coaches have told you how we feel about it. And we're in a really good place right now. It's just not worth it. There is nothing to that at all."
On the field, Seattle needed another fourth-quarter rally Sunday from Russell Wilson to avoid its first three-game losing streak since the middle of the 2011 season.
PASS RUSH: Seattle finally got to the quarterback on Sunday,Nike Air Force One Shoes For Sale, sacking Cam Newton three times, recording five quarterback hits and throwing off Newton's timing on a number of plays. Seattle used a mix of base defense and blitzing linebackers to create problems for Newton. Bruce Irvin was able to sack Newton twice on Carolina's final possession with the Seahawks bringing just four.
RENTON, Wash. (AP)