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Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018, 12:06

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– market stabilizes after shortageBy Crystal ConwayChicken-loving Guyanese have felt the squeeze in their wallets over the last few weeks as a shortage forced prices up by almost $60 on the pound.For a country that,NFL Jerseys China, according to Managing Director of Bounty Farm Ltd, Patrick De Groot, consumes an average of one million pounds of chicken per week, the increase has hit many Guyanese hard.Minister of Agriculture,Air Max 97, Robert Persaud commented on the reason for the shortage earlier this week.He said that the pressure on the supply of chicken was the result of a reduced supply of hatching eggs from US suppliers this year. He went on to point out that the low supply had its origins in the downsizing of US hatcheries due to the economic recession in the US.The chickens that are sold as meat to consumers are all imported as eggs from US hatcheries since there are no local hatcheries large enough to meet the demand of Guyana