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Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018, 15:12

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– patients referred to alternative careThe staff of the West Demerara Regional Hospital was yesterday forced into a protest mode since according to them the medical institution has been plagued with a major water crisis for almost a week.According to them the problem surfaced at the beginning of this month and the administration reportedly failed to put measures in place to effectively address the situation. Some staff members noted that the resulting situation reached a peak yesterday.They said that the services of the hospital had become compromised by the absence of potable water to facilitate medical procedures.There was no water to perform deliveries, bathe newborn babies, perform dental procedures, and wash x-rays among other things which as a result caused medical staffers to refer patients to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.The situation had reached such an alarming proportion that one doctor was forced to send home all patients in the maternity ward.According to the protesters, the lack of water resulted in toilets overflowing and the wards and other operating area being left in an unkempt state.The problem was compounded yesterday when more than 60 irate patients seeking medical attention at the outpatients department of the hospital were forced to find alternative care after doctors failed to turn up for duty.Some of the patients who were waiting to see a doctor from as early as 06:30 hours claimed that they were suffering from ailments ranging from fractured body parts to internal pains.Reports are that the doctors did not have water to bathe and therefore could not prepare for work. It was related to this newspaper that no water was flowing to the doctors