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General Secretary of the People

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–??? sugar company set to lose additional $840MThe Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) yesterday announced the cessation of field and factory operations within the Guyana Sugar Corporation

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Several Barticians are calling for some for of intervention as several Government projects as well as other construction works in the community have been stalled.According to residents of the community,China Jerseys Cheap, supplier BK International has refused to sell stones to persons and businesses in the mining community stones.Several businesses that spoke to this publication said that this has been the case for more than three weeks. According to reports out of the area this has caused a ma...

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Almost two months after he allegedly shot a 19-year-old Albouystown woman while playing Russian roulette, a policeman is likely to face a charge of attempted murder.Cecil KennardChairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Cecil Kennard, has recommended the course of action after perusing the file on the matter. It is now left? to the Director of Public Prosecutions to make her decision on whether or not the charge should be instituted.On April 22 last, Sheqqenna Anderson, a mother of one, was r...

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By Akola ThompsonBorn and raised in Georgetown, Nelsonia Persaud-Budhram has always been academically inclined. Over the years she has sought to use her knowledge to enlighten and motivate those around her.Nelsonia Persaud-BudhramPersaud-Budhram has been teaching from a young age, with her first gig being teaching after school lessons to primary school students. This was while she was still in high school. The years which followed saw her gaining several other teaching positions but she stated t...

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Her name may not resonate well with many in this part of the world today but back in her day,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Jessica Huntley, was a force to reckon with as a prominent black political activist and publisher.She was a leading member of the People’s Progressive Party in the 1940s before migrating to the United Kingdom in the late 1950s to join her husband, Eric Huntley.Jessica Huntley reportedly was integrally involved in Guyana’s fight for independence,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, an achie...

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Dem give out de national awards and more than one hundred people get. Sam get de highest one and he mek history because fuh de fuss time a man and he wife get national award pun de same day.But dem had nuff people who didn

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As Guyanese prepared to celebrate the festival of Holi or Phagwah today, President David Granger, last evening, joined members of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangha for a Chowtal session on the lawns of State House. Chowtal is a genre of folk music originated from the Bhojpuri Region, Northern India and has been preserved for over 178 years in Guyana.President David Granger tries his hand at the dholak (two-headed drum) during the Chowtal singing at State HouseIn his brief remarks after a spirited rou...

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A high-level Government team is expected to visit Region Nine today to assess the extent of damage caused by dry weather in that area.Reports by residents yesterday indicate that the level of the Takutu River, which borders Guyana and Brazil and runs right next to Lethem, has dropped considerably.According to the Ministry of State, based on reports from the Regional Executive Officer (REO), the Region Nine Emergency Response Centre was activated with workers ready to deploy supplies to affected ...

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– grief-stricken family has left her room untouched????????????? ?It

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Carol Green,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the mother of missing teacher Nyozi Goodman, fears that she may enter the New Year still not knowingNyozi Goodmanwhether her child is dead or alive, due to further delays in uplifting DNA samples sent to Trinidad over three months ago.Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud disclosed this week that police are awaiting funds from the Home Affairs Ministry to enable a rank to travel to Trinidad to pick up the DNA results, taken from skeletal remains of a female found ...

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EAST RUTHERFORD,Cheap Jerseys, N.J. (AP)

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Patrick Forbes, the Jamaican businessman who was shot multiple times in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, succumbed to his injuries at around 19:00 hrs yesterday.Dead: Patrick ForbesForbes,Wholesale Jerseys, 36,Wholesale Jerseys, of? Lance Gibbs Street,Wholesale Jerseys China, Queenstown, had been admitted to a private hospital in a critical condition.Police had stated that Forbes was among a group of persons on Orange Walk,Jerseys NFL Cheap, when shots were discharged in their direction.Forbe...

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By Sharmain GraingerFor years, many juveniles have been charged with wandering and sentenced to a period of purported reform at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC). NOC is essentially a detention centre for juveniles who are too young to be placed in the conventional prison system.However, many officials prefer to call the facility a rehabilitation centre for wayward children (both boys and girls).But during the past week I learnt something interesting about this facility. It was at a press conferen...

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Police and prison authorities are on the hunt for a 36-year-old drug convict,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who escaped from the Mazaruni Prison on Monday.A source said that Nigel Williams,Cheap Jerseys, called

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A leaked report on investigations at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) has revealed startling details of how two under-fire managers in June attempted to pressure female staffers to backdate a $3.6 million invoice to January to cover up their tracks. But the staffers, from the Marketing Department, refused and later told investigators that they thought it unethical at the time.The leaked report, while not making it clear, suggested that the attempts were made even while the i...

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