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(From the Desk of the Vector Control Director, Dr Reyaud Rahman)In 2014 we saw our efforts bear fruit. These efforts were characterised by the creation of new structures, the strengthening of existing structures and the disciplined work of our central and regional vector control workers.Dr Reyaud RahmanMoreover,NBA Jerseys China, we have seen a dramatic decrease of malaria cases throughout Guyana. So much better than previous years, and on track to be the lowest Guyana will see, even in the imme...

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Guyana getting on de map fuh all dem strange reason. De country use to have some good athletes in de old days,Cheap China Jerseys, but then dem other counties put in facilities and dem move away. Well Guyana ain

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Prosecution witness,Jerseys From China, 75-year-old Sarah Johnson identified Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Errol Watts yesterday as one of the police officers who ordered subordinate officers to open fire on herself and persons who were protesting following the 2011 General Elections.Johnson appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates

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Police have detained a South Rupununi man who allegedly beat his wife to death during a drinking spree last Friday.A police press release identified the victim as 55-year-old Eunice Charlie,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, of Waramit Farming Areas,Cheap Jerseys From China, Awariwanan Village,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, South Rupununi.The release stated that the woman and her husband had attended a function during which they consumed alcohol.They returned home around 23:30 hrs where an argument developed...

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Guyana just had an election results that this country never see before. Is de first time something like this happen. PPP now running de government and de oppositions running de parliament. And dem boys plan fuh run all of dem

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Company not exposed like CLICO, Stanford – ChairmanBy Leonard GildarieNew regulations limiting overseas investments for local insurance companies are among the major challenges facing the industry, according to Demerara Mutual.The comments came yesterday as the insurance company announced a $338M after tax profit in 2008 with total revenues at $1.3BThe profits had dropped almost $80M from 2007 but according to Company Chairman,Authentic NFL Jerseys China, Richard Fields, this was because in 2007...

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Government has started making changes with regard to the limits of contracts that Ministries and other state agencies are allowed to independently award.According to a notice called the

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Arbitrary killings by the government or its agents was the most significant human rights problems in Guyana as identified in the 2015 Human Rights Report of the Department of State of the United States of America.Additionally, the report cited allegations of government corruption, including among police officials and laws that discriminate against women and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons as other human rights violations in Guyana.It also mentioned lengthy pretrial dete...

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An open arrest warrant has been issued for the man who was on trial in the Berbice High Court on two counts of Carnal Knowledge after he failed to show up in court for the second time on Thursday.Muntaz Yassim, called

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A West La Penitence resident is at present lying at the Alberttown Police Station recovering from a brutal beating allegedly at the hands of ranks of the Guyana Defence Force.Troy Small,NFL Jerseys China, called

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An early morning fire yesterday destroyed a home at Vryman

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Two years after a transformer tumbled off a truck and killed a minibus driver and a passenger,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, relatives of the victims are still awaiting compensation from those deemed responsible for the tragedy.The truck on which the transformer was being carried is the property of Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC).Allan Johnson,jerseys from china, the company

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Police are preparing to institute a charge of wounding against a 25-year-old man who stabbed his wife four times in the region of her back,Cheap Jerseys From China, on Wednesday evening. The woman was saved after her uncle intervened. One of the four stab wounds at the back of her neck is said to be the severest.The assailant is in custody at the lock ups at Anna Regina Police Station even as police assess his wife

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BUFFALO,Cheap NFL Jerseys, N.Y. (AP)

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Osaci Savory,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, 39,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, a chip and paint labourer of Second Street,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, Agricola,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, was remanded yesterday by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson on a charge of unlawful wounding.He is accused of maliciously wounding Simone Kelman on Wednesday. He pleaded not guilty.Magistrate Robertson then ordered that he reappear in court on January 22,Cheap NFL Jerseys, next.

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During an interaction with Essequibians in the interest of working in partnership with the Community,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud, who was accompanied by other senior members of the Guyana Police Force,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, called on Essequibians to pay keen attention to what is going on in their various communities.Essequibians listening to Commissioner of Police Seelall PersaudThe Top Cop reminded Essequibians that creating the avenue where people can be...

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Within weeks of hearing an appeal made by Mr. James Samuels, the Caribbean Court of Justice (